Security is our top priority

Security is our top most priority starting from system architecture down to the implementation. Knowing that all the documents and messages are secure, you can use the service with confidence.

Our security architecture

Every single transaction happening to and from data centers are done via secure SSL link.

Every transaction is authenticated before it hits the datacenter.

All passwords are hashed with SHA256 + 128 bit Crypto secure PRNG salt. So, no one will ever know the password. However you can reset your password if you have already validated your login email.

Sanetax uses Amazon Web Services(AWS) for all the data storage and webhosting. AWS is certified with some of the most stringent security certifications that are possible today. Some of the certifications that AWS has received are, PCI DSS Level 1, ISO 27001, SAS 70 Type II, and HIPAA. Please refer AWS Security for more information.

Mobile Apps are essential to our service. Our Sanetax mobile apps do not store anything on the device(except OS level sandboxed caching); what this means is, you can have peace of mind even if you lose your device.

Guidelines for End User

Please don't send sensitive documents or messages over regular email. Regular email is not an end-to-end secure system.

Never give out your password - even when you are getting support from us.

Have a strong password. We restrict you to have minimum of 6 characters for password. It is advised to have special characters and numbers in your password.

If you see any suspicious activity or security vulnerability, please report to