How can Sanetax help my business?
Traditionally whenever you have a customer, either he or she needs to come to your office and give you tax documents like W2s and 1099s. The problem with this is, people who want the convenice of staying home or too busy to visit tax professional are not served efficiently. Lack of convenience makes people to use self-prepare services. Also, too many people lining up during the peak hours causes you to waste resources.

Sanetax has developed a mobile app and web based CRM service to let you serve customers more efficiently. With Sanetax, you get more customers and increase customer loyalty.
How does it work?
1. Your customers can download Sanetax mobile app for free and start sending you tax documents.
2. You can communicate with your customers via SMS or secure messaging which is part of the mobile app.
3. Once you are done preparing taxes, you can post the tax returns as well - customers can view and verify before you file taxes.
4. [Optional] Integrated invoicing system allows you collect tax preparation fee. For customers, they can pay using credit card or PayPal on their mobile phones or PCs.

As part of the Sanetax Tax Agent network, you get listed on our web site.
How much does it cost?
Free to register and only $2 $0 per customer that you serve using Sanetax. As part of the service, you get unlimited SMS sending and receiving. Unlimited storage space for tax documents and tax return documents. SMS customer support is still available as a premium option - for more information please refer our update. There are no upfront costs or hidden costs. Signing up is free and pay as you go. Please refer billing section for more info.
What are the steps in signing up as a Tax Agent?
Register yourself for free. No credit card or billing needed to get started.
Optional information needed includes your complete contact information and PTIN number so that we can add you in Sanetax Agent Directory.
That's all! You can start using awesome Sanetax service for taxes!
How much tax preparation fee can I charge?
It is between you and your customer to decide. We don't list your preparation fee.
Can I use my existing tax preparation software?
Yes. Sanetax is not a tax preparation software. We are providing you a CRM system which is independent of tax software.
Can I use my own invoicing/payment system?
Yes. Invoicing within the Sanetax system is a feature. You can use it or ignore it.
What are the requirements to use Sanetax?
A computer with browser and an internet connection is all you need. We recommend Google Chrome Browser but you can use either Firefox, IE, Safari or Opera. Your computer can be either a PC/Mac/Linux.
What file formats do you accept?
We can accept typical image formats e.g: jpeg/gif/png/bmp and document formats e.g: doc/docx/pdf. Prepared tax returns can be posted in pdf format.
How can I send an SMS to my customer?
Just send a message from the Sanetax messaging system. It will also route an SMS to the customer.
Can my customers send me an SMS?
Yes. They can interact with you in a 2 way conversation. If a customer sends you an SMS, you would receive them on the Sanetax messages section. You can reply from messaging system and customer gets the message as an SMS.
I have few customers not using iPhone or Android phones. Can they still use the service?
Yes. SMS messages can work on almost all the mobile phones. However sending documents from the phone is not possible. They have to use a PC to upload tax documents.
How long does it take to receive documents?
Almost instantly. As soon as customer uploads the document, we do few heavy lifting things like pruning the file and creating thumbnails. These operations tend to take less than few seconds.
How secure are the transactions?
Sanetax uses the same 128 bit encryption and physical security that banks use. Every transaction is done through SSL connection.
Sanetax uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for all the data storage and webhosting. AWS is certified with some of the most stringent security certifications that are possible today. Some of the certifications that AWS has received are, PCI DSS Level 1, ISO 27001, SAS 70 Type II, and HIPAA. Please refer AWS Security for more information.
How secure are Mobile Apps?
Even mobile apps are required to transmit the data over SSL connection only. Also, mobile app is not saving data on the phone. So, there is nothing to worry about even if you loose your phone.
What about payments?
All the payments are routed through PayPal API; which means we don't store or transmit any credit card info. All the transactions are done on the PayPal server.
Can I use email for tax documents and tax returns?
No. Email is not a secure channel except SMIME or OpenPGP. Most of the people are not setup for accepting emails using either way. Please don't use email for secure communications.
How does customer invoicing work?
Customer invoicing is the system where you are charging tax preparation fee for your customers. Once you tell us how much to charge, we email and SMS a link to the customer. Customer has the option of paying on the phone or using a PC. Once the customer pays the fee, we will send you an alert with the payment information.
How do I receive collected payments?
You need to have PayPal account to receive the funds. As part of the invoicing setup, we will ask you for the account information. PayPal account is free to create and you can link it to your bank for auto deposit.
What are the transaction fees for customer invoices?
We are charging a flat rate of 3.9% + $0.10 for the processing regardless of credit card. So for a $100 tax preparation fee, there will be a $4.0 charge which we will deduct from $100.
What if I am not satisfied with the service?
As we are offering this service as pay as you go, you can stop using the service anytime as you wish. There are no contracts no commitments to use the service.