What is Sanetax?
Sanetax is a new and unique service where a real Tax Professional prepares your taxes with the convenience of online interaction.

You don't need to spend multiple hours juggling with tax software and you don't need to visit a Tax Professional. Just upload your W2 and other income documents, Tax Agent will prepare and file your tax returns.

Cut down a few trips in your busy schedule.
What are the steps in completing my taxes?
Here are the steps:
1. Register yourself for Free
2. Once you login, select a Tax Agent by going to Settings -> Agent (if no one is available in your local area, we will assign a tax agent for you)
3. Use Mobile App or the computer to upload your tax related documents (eg: W2, 1099INT, 1099DIV, etc...)
4. [Optional] Complete few tax related questions on Sanetax.
5. Communicate with the selected Tax Agent via Sanetax or SMS
6. Tax Agent will prepare and e-file your taxes.
7. Pay the tax preparation fee to Tax Agent using a credit card or PayPal.
All staying home and at your convenience!
How do I get started?
How do I upload my tax documents (eg: W2, 1099INT, 1099DIV, etc...) ?
There are multiple ways you can upload documents.

Take a picture and upload it either from browser on your PC or from the Sanetax Mobile App.
We can't accept fax or emailed documents. Consumer email is not secure.
How do I capture tax documents?
You can take pictures of the tax documents using digital camera or phone or scanner. As long as documents are readable and numbers are visible, it would be fine.
Do you have app for my cell phone?
Right now we support mobile uploads from iOS Devices, and Android Devices. If you have any other mobile device, you should use browser on your PC for uploading your tax documents.
How long does it take to file my taxes?
Depends on the selected Tax Agent. Check with the Tax Agent for the details.
How do I communicate with my Tax Agent?
You could send an SMS from your mobile phone or send a direct message from the web site. If you prefer to talk to your Tax Agent, you could schedule a common convenient time which is good for both of you.
How qualified are Tax Agents?
All agents listed are gone through the certification process. IRS mandates to have all the tax preparers to go through the certification starting from year 2011.
Internet connection on my cell phone got dropped before the upload completed. What should I do?
No problem. You can restart the uploading process once the internet connection is available on your cell phone.
What file formats do you accept?
We can accept typical image formats e.g: jpeg/gif/png/bmp and document formats e.g: doc/docx/pdf. Prepared tax returns are available to you in pdf format.
Can I upload few documents from the mobile app and few documents from browser on the PC?
Absolutely. You can send few documents from the mobile app and few documents from the browser on your PC.
How do I change my password?
Once you login to your account, go to 'Settings > Password'.
Can our whole family use the same login?
For every single tax filing, you need a separate login.
For eg: if you and your son are filing separately, both of you need separate logins. Check with the Tax Agent for tax implications.
How long do my tax documents stay with you?
Within 4weeks from the day your tax returns are accepted by IRS and State Agencies.
How secure are the transactions?
Sanetax uses the same 128 bit encryption and physical security that banks use. Every transaction is done through SSL connection only.
Sanetax uses Amazon Web Services(AWS) for all the data storage and webhosting. AWS is certified with some of the most stringent security certifications that are possible today. Some of the certifications that AWS has received are, PCI DSS Level 1, ISO 27001, SAS 70 Type II, and HIPAA. Please refer AWS Security for more information.
How secure are Mobile Apps?
Even mobile apps are required to transmit the data over SSL connection only. And app is not saving data on the phone as well so there is nothing to worry about even if you lose your phone.
What about payments?
All the payments are routed through PayPal API; which means we don't store or transmit any credit card info. All the transactions are done on the PayPal server.
Can I send tax documents via email?
No. Email is not a secure channel except SMIME or OpenPGP. Most of the people are not setup for accepting emails using either way. Please don't use email for secure communications.
How does billing work?
Sanetax service doesn't charge anything for using the site. You only pay to the Tax Agent directly. For charges and specials, please check with the assigned Tax Agent.
Can I pay my Tax Agent from the tax refund?
Please talk to the Tax Agent, they can answer based on your case.
What if I am not satisfied with the service?
If you are not satisfied with Sanetax service, please report to us at support@sanetax.com. All the Tax Agent related questions and concerns need to be dealt with the Tax Agent directly.
What happens when I get audited by IRS?
Contact the Tax Agent and they can assist with the audit process.