Srinivas Kommoori, Founder & CEO

Filing Taxes Should be Simple

Sanetax is a new and unique service where a real Tax Professional prepares taxes with the convenience of online interaction.

Our Story

Before starting Sanetax in Nov 2009, Srini used to work in hi-tech/VLSI field. Like many customers, he used to do his own taxes using online software - it was convenient, no driving and had extra hours to spend. After getting married, tax filing became little difficult as he had to deal with multiple states and few other complications. He took the help of a Tax Agent in the hopes of filing taxes easily; however things became more annoying as he had to visit the Tax Agent multiple times regarding tax documents and paying the fee. He decided to bring the convenience part of taking help from Tax Agents.

Sanetax has developed mobile and web apps that can simplify taking help of Tax Agents.